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Idly comes from the idea to bring massage and physio therapy closer to the people. Founded by María Marín, licensed physiotherapist with over 15 years of experience, and Nicholas Pijpers, entrepeneur, the Idly platform is designed with safety and security in mind. Offering Idly users the quality service they expect. Be it either therapist or massage customers, Idly is about making our life’s easier and healthier, mentally and physically.

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María Marín Armario

Commercial Director

With over 15 years of experience as a physiotherapist, María knows every muscle and bone of the human body like no other. Working in physiotherapy clinics all over Europe, treating all types of injuries and rehabilitations.

Since 2017 she successfully started her own massage at home business in Southern Spain. Knowing the industry like no other María knows how the physio industry works and how therapists are often underpaid or work with dodgy contracts set up by greedy business owners. Using her experience she now trains and prepares massage and physio therapists to become self-employed.

Her main goal with the Idly app is to launch qualified and professional therapists to become autonomous and grow in their career.

Kitesurfing since he was 12 years young. Nic has traveled the world in search for the perfect surfing/kite-surfing conditions for nearly a decade. With always having a passion for technology he started developing small programs, mobile apps and websites.

He felt a need to tell people take care of their bodies, and relax more often. When he teamed up with María he knew exactly what to do.

Take life Idly.


Nicholas Pijpers




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